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22 Ara 2017
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Hi All,

Today we are going to have a look at the rounding value in the material master (MRP 1 view) and try

to figure how does it really work.

In certain cases, the product can be produced in specific quantities to match the deliverable


For example

The product “X” can be only delivered in ballets every ballet contains 3 units, so we can’t have a

production order with 10 units. (got it ??) we must produce a 3,6,9,12,……etc.

Here the round value will be so helpful.

By maintaining the round value in material master as 3, the system will adjust the production order

quantity to a Multiples of 3.

in our previous example “Round value as 3” :

we create a planned independent requirement for material X as 10 units.

When we run the MRP, the system will generate a planned order with 12 units, not 10 units.

so we can put every 3 units into one pallet.

I hope you got the idea.

Thanks for reading.

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