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SAP APO system is commonly integrated with SAP R/3 or ECC system to get the master data, and planning results are transferred back to SAP ERP system. The integration between SAP APO and ECC system includes −

  • Technical integration between systems
  • Integration of master and transaction data
Technical Integration Between Systems
To integrate data between SAP R/3 or ECC system to SAP SCM system, you use a Core Interface (CIF) to enable data exchange between the systems. Core Interface provides different integration and data transfer functions.

  • You can transfer master from SAP ECC system to SCM system.

  • When SAP SCM system involves APO, CIF is used to transfer planning results back to ERP.

  • Different administration tools to manage the data transfer between systems.

  • Support for different source/target systems.
To transfer the data between ERP and SCM system, you need to customize CIF settings in both the systems. Customizing CIF depends on the types of source and target system.

Customizing CIF Settings in ERP System
To perform integration between two systems, you have to customize the settings in both the systems. Customization of settings are target system specific or client system dependent. Following settings can be done in the system −

Define Logical System and Assign the Logical System to a Client

Transaction Code − BD54


Transaction Code − SCC4


Define Trusted RFC Connection and Assign Destination to Various Applications

Transaction Code − SM59


Transaction Code − CFC7


Defining the Target System and Queue Type

Transaction Code − CFC1


Define User Parameters
Transaction Code − CFC2


Define Filters and Select Size in CIF Settings

Transaction Code − CFC3


Define the Number Ranges for Parallelization

Transaction Code − CFC8


Integration of Master and Transaction Data
You need to transfer the master data and master data changes to SAP APO system from the transaction system. This data is transferred via Core Interface.

In SAP APO system, you can check the master data transferred to APO system.

Navigate to SAP Easy Access − Advanced Planning and Optimization − APO Administration − Integration − Monitor − Application Log − Display Entries


Integration of Transaction Data
You can integrate different transactional data to SAP R/3 system - Orders and Stock Transfer Processes.

Orders define the technical component, which includes procurement details about the product - when and where the product is required and where the different resources are during this process. The different orders such as production orders, purchase orders are transferred from R/3 system to APO system.

In SAP APO system, planned orders are transferred to R/3 system −

Following objects are considered as Order transactions −

  • Planned order
  • Planned independent requirement
  • Production order
  • Purchase order and purchase requisition
  • Transfer order
  • Scheduling agreement
  • Stock
  • Inspection lot
  • Project order
  • Maintenance order