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22 Ara 2017
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A combination that can work for you!

SAP Business ByDesign has always focused on a solid preparation of data for financial consolidation purposes. There has been no intent to build an own financial consolidation solution within SAP Business ByDesign itself because of these reasons:

  • Many SAP Business ByDesign customers are part of a larger group and the group usually has a financial consolidation solution in place already.
  • There are multiple mature financial consolidation solutions by SAP on the market.

We have been asked to give guidance which financial consolidation solution could suite a ‘typical’ SAP Business ByDesign customer forming a small group facing financial consolidation needs:

  • 3-10 companies / legal entities to consolidate.
  • Multi-set of books for financial statements.
  • Multi-currencies.
  • Few affiliated companies are not in SAP Business ByDesign.
  • Experienced consulting partner base to support global financial consolidation needs.
  • Optional extension to planning, versioning and simulation in the context of group management reporting.

We would like to draw your attention to SAP Financial Consolidation: A well established and mature solution for financial consolidation needs (both legal statutory consolidation and management reporting). But how well can it serve midsize companies in terms of simplicity to use, time to go-live and cost effectiveness to operate?

Option 1) Partner offering by Satriun Group for SAP Financial Consolidation incl. hosting of software

We would like to highlight an attractive packaged model especially for SAP Business ByDesign customers (see link) by Satriun Group, a 10 years implementation partner of SAP Financial Consolidation that includes hosting the software and initial consulting service to ensure quick and successful go-live. The package illustrated as reference consists of:
(The conditions represent conditions for a customer in Europe – country specific conditions apply. In case of interest please contact the partner Satriun ).

The package illustrated as reference consists of:

75.000 EUR
21.900 EUR
* ( Non binding offering. The conditions represent conditions for an SAP Business ByDesign customer in Europe – country specific conditions apply and existing customers terms agreement to consider. In case of interest please contact the partner Satriun).
Once Annual
License SAP Financial Consolidation*
Minimal License (10 User split into 2 Professionals / 8 Consolidation Users) inkl IFRS Starter Pack
45.000 EUR​
22% yearly maintenance fee of license*
9.900 EUR​
Monthly fee for hosting software*
(Software is hosted in Germany and technically operated from Europe)
12.000 EUR​
Standardized Go-Live consulting service based on SAP IFRS Starter Package*
30.000 EUR​

Optional consulting services to support customer on more complex financial consulting matters See offering by partner: Satriun Group – SAP Financial Consolidation Partner Offering for SAP Business ByDesign customers

Option 2) SAP Financial Consolidation on premise

For sure you also can decide to run the SAP Financial consolidation on premise and decide for an implementation partner in the established partner ecosystem of SAP Financial consolidation. For more information have a look at the product page.

High-level process of consolidation

In your closing process, at a high level, you will have to perform these activities:

  1. SAP Business ByDesign: Prepare
    The short video below shows the regular steps in SAP Business ByDesign to prepare the data and after period end closing extract the data in an auditable way.
    • Preparation:
      • Configure companies and affiliated business partners.
      • Read documentation about financial consolidation preparation in SAP Business ByDesign. Gain understanding on one-sided consolidation preparation
    • In period end closing, extract an extended trial balance data or financial consolidation in an auditable format.

    This is also explained in a short video.
  2. SAP Cloud Consolidation: Consolidate
    Assuming a customer has used an SAP Financial Consolidation Starter Package for IFRS we would like to highlight the periodic steps to accomplish a financial consolidation for actual data.
    • Load companies financial data (including P&l and B/L accounts).
    • Verify and check data.
    • Release and publish data.
    • Run Actual financial consolidation rules.
    • Post additional manual entries / journals.
    • Report consolidated results.

    A video on this part will be issued by midth of August.
Optional Capabilities of SAP Financial Consolidation

In case your demands exceed the pure needs for actual financial consolidation SAP Financial Consolidation offers capabilities around:

  • Simulation and what-if scenarios (scope changes, M&A, …).
  • Versioning (store any data set for comparison).
  • Multi-GAAP regulation (IFRS, US GAAP, local GAAP, IFRS9, FINREP, …).
  • Multi data model structure (for specific activities like Banking, ….).
  • Financial group planning / budget and forecast data submission for IFRS.
  • Any additional non-financial data / KPI’s.

Please then refer to Satriun group partner and global community of partners supporting customers in complex financial consolidation matters.

Based on market demand there are plans to automate the extraction from SAP Business ByDesign to SAP Financial Consolidation.

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