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22 Ara 2017
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I would like to share some news from the SAP on Db2 development team with you:

New Program for Checking BW Objects for BLU Acceleration

With program SAP_BLU_CONVERSION_CHECK_DB6, you can now check whether a BW object is eligible for BLU Acceleration. See SAP Note 2532409 for more details.

Database Administration Guide Updated

We’ve updated the database administration guide for SAP Business Warehouse on IBM Db2. You can find the latest versions here:

Why two guides? The guide has become quite substantial, and with the split into two guides we hope that it’s now easier to digest:

  • The version as of 10.5 now focuses on setting up SAP BW on IBM Db2 with Db2 BLU Acceleration, which we recommend as a standard for Db2-based BW systems. The sections on BLU Acceleration have been slightly updated.
  • The version for 10.1 and lower is now a much leaner document. With 10.1 and lower, you can’t use BLU Acceleration. Therefore, we have removed all the information about BLU Acceleration because it’s not needed.
Updated Recommendations for Partitioning

We have updated the hardware and software requirements for the Db2 Database Partitioning Feature (DPF). You will notice that as of Db2 10.5, we highly recommend a single partition with intrapartition parallelism for SAP BW systems, which is sufficient in many cases – no need for partitioning. For more details, check the section hardware requirements in the database administration guide for SAP BW on IBM Db2.

What About Mod Pack 3 for IBM Db2 11.1?

I guess most of you will have noticed that Db2 Version 11.1 Mod 3 Fix Pack 3 has been released by IBM. We are still in the process of testing Mod Pack 3 for the release by SAP . Watch our SAP Community page for more news.

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