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22 Ara 2017
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This was an SAP webcast last week given by SAP ’s Eric Yew.

Please join us at 2018 ASUG Annual Conference, ASUG10040 session, and check out the grid here. We also have several upcoming ASUG webcasts on this topic – they can be found here.


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As usual, the legal disclaimers apply; anything in the future is subject to change.


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Focuses on live connectivity with BW

Mobile is not a different product, but an end-to-end, native touch gestures

Leverage existing investments; native BW query concepts


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Free content provided as part of SAC


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Marketecture slide showing SAP Analytics Cloud as a SaaS platform

Live connections cover BI area

Top right – application building capabilities; today many have on-premise Lumira Designer – app building is planned for SAC – it is a roadmap item in Q3


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Today have 2 different ways to talk to BW queries

First one is the live connection; many advantages – no additional modeling

No data replication with live connection

Generate HANA views from BW queries

Data Import use case is supported; may want to run report on a monthly basis or the data seldom changes – set up a schedule


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Recent innovations focus on core BW connections

BW Variants supported, consumptive only

In future road map, create variants in SAP Analytics Cloud is planned


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Respect query layout settings as shown above


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Create KPIs without relying on IT

Delegated to BW system


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Harmonize metadata – ability to modify measure and dimensions metadata; similar to semantic layer concept – rename dimensions


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Admin option – simple switch to improve performance of charts (wave 5)

Configure parallel sessions on BW system

“Be smart about this”

Planned for Q2/Q3 – continue integration of BW concepts


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Stengthen analytic capabilities

Planned for end of Q2 – search to insight – see suggestions based on live connection to BW query – text based search

“Show me net revenue for top 5 products”

Integration capabilities, making them smarter

For BW, HANA, Universes, live connections

Initial release supported for English only


Source: SAP

BEx query designer has default value filters

“Soft filtering” is planned for Q2 for charts and tables


Source: SAP

Planned for Q3

Today, for BW Live connections, have partial support for Linked Analysis

Q3 – support story scenario – chart to chart filtering for BW live connections


Source: SAP

Planned BEx conditions supported Q2


Source: SAP

These features are known for import connections, now coming to live connections Q3

Time series – prereq – native support for native dimension type time

Export to CSV is part of the Q3 backlog; may go to Q4

Technical – Live Data Connectivity


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More of what was said earlier


Source: SAP

I like the idea of no BEx query redesign


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This is where SAP gets the most questions

See what is highlighted in blue

Check SAP Note 2541557

Encourage that all the latest SAP Notes applied


Source: SAP

Recommend for Live connection using CORS (cross origin resource sharing) – secure cross domain requests


What did I miss? If you can’t make ASUG Annual Conference, post your questions below and I’ll try to get them answered.

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