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22 Ara 2017
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As SAP BW Journey is evolving there are many new features are added in SAP BW on HANA until BW7.5 version. With SAP BW/4HANA entire SAP BW is kind of getting modernised.

Lot of older classical BW version limitations are overcome in latest SAP BW/4HANA version.

In below table i tried summarising in some of those aspects where SAP BW/4HANA is really tailored /performance efficient and coming out as superior version.

With SAP ECC migrating to SAP S4 HANA from Business warehouse perspective customer will look forward towards BW/4HANA version for Next gen reporting ETL and SAP reporting Tool.

Classical BWBW on HANA/BW/4HANA
Code Push down to HANAData to code.
Transfer of all data to application level
Code to Data
Porcessing of data at Database level, hence less data transfer to application layer. Mostly calculated results are transferred to application layer
InfoobjectsMandtaory for reportingObjects like Open ODS view and ADSO can still work without Infoobjects
2 Billion restrictions on master data valuesNo such restrictions in BW/4HANA
Extra long text in Charaters601333
Data store Objects ClassicalActivation step is neededActivation step time is reduced almost by 60-70%
New tables added with /BIC/A<DSO Tech name>70 and 80
Key 16 and Char 749 MaxKey 16 and Char 749 Max
InfocubeMin 6 to Maximum 18 Tables2 Tables only
Fact Table,Compressed Fact table,Standarad dimension package, Standard dimension Time and Unit,Customer dimension 1-9 and customer dimension 10-13 (A-D)Fact table , Standard Dimension Package table
248 Charateristics and 233 key figures248 Charateristics and 233 key figures
Comrpression creates 4 Partitions as follows
1. Partition 1 – Compressed Requests
2. Partition 2 – Marker updates for Inventory data
3. Partition 3- Historical movements of inventory data
4. Partition 4 – Non compressed requests
Improvement in reporting run time
Improvement in load runtimes
Low memory requirements
SemanticsCan be migrated using RSMIGRAHANADB
MultiproviderCan be replaced by Composite providers
InfosetsLonger runtimesStill supporting but longer runtimes. BW/4HANA does not support Infosets
InfosourcesBased on application componentsBased on Infoareas
InfoareasInfoobject catalogue no longer appear in BW/4HANA
Transformation rulesBelow properties are not used any more
1. ABAP Routines of any type
2.Rule groups
3.Customer specific formulas
4. BW queries as a source object
ABAP routinesABAP runtime is supported. SAP HANA execution is OffHANA runtime is supported. AMDP (SAP HANA execution supported)
Process chainsFollowing process types are no longer required
1. Delete/Create Index
2. Set up Database statistics
3. Update BW Accelerator Indices
4. Roll up aggregates
5. Fill up aggregates
6.Adjust aggregates via change run
7. Update BO Explorer properties
Delta mergeApplicable in SAP HANA database
Old /New objectsMultiprovider
Virtual provider
Composite provider New
Virtual providerTransient provider
Open ODS View
Classic Datastore objects
PSA Table
Datastore objects advanced

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