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SAP BLOG SAP Central Finance – Pre-Initial Load activities |Checks, Mapping Test & Consistency Check

SAP Blog

Kayıtlı Üye
22 Ara 2017
Tepki puanı

This is the blog in continuation with Blog -1 – Introduction to Initial Load.

In this blog I will detail out some necessary activities which needs to be carried out before the initial load. Initial Load execution is the final step before which all preparation steps needs to be executed.

Here I am listing out some key activities. Please note that these activities are reflection of some standard steps and in case of a customer scenario where lot o custom tables and programs are built then this needs to be updated based on the enhancements in scope.

I will discuss about:

  • Configuration Checks
  • Master Data Checks
  • Mapping Test/Checks
  • Consistency Report

Configuration Checks:

This step asks for checking the basic configuration of the system in terms of configuration, RFC connectivity, periods opening and some key steps which are common and standard. Of course any Z steps/check needs to be performed based on need

Sr. No.
Standard SAP configuration checks
Logical systems defined and RFC connections test
Exchange Rate type are maintained
Exchange Rates are maintained
Posting periods are Open
Company code clearing accounts are maintained
Exchange rates difference accounts are maintained
Special GL defined for all account type and special GL indicator
Any custom table(s) update

Master Data Checks:

  • Master Data Loads are Complete for:
    • Vendors
    • Customers
    • Materials
    • General Ledger Accounts
    • Cost Centre
    • Profit Centre
    • Plants
    • Trading Partner
    • Payment Terms
    • Any other master data….

Mapping Checks:

Mappings can be uploaded via transaction – FINS_CFIN_MAP_MANAGE in SAP Central Finance system

  • Check Configuration settings for mapping via report – FINS_CFIN_MAPPING_STRUC
  • Master Data mapping check
  • Check mapping for single values
  • Checks related to the mappings BAdIs if any is active

Also, if you want to be sure for particular data value you need not to run the whole data loads and apply filter rather you can use below standard program:


Enter details

This will give the mapping result of the selected object.

Consistency Report Check:

This is one of the very important report before you start the initial load. This needs to be considered to run for several times and all errors in the report needs to be planned to be resolved.

  • Transaction Code – FINS_CFIN_CC
  • System – SAP S/4HANA Central Finance system

This is the initial screen which needs input:

  • Company code(s)
  • Source system
  • Click on show errors and warnings only else whole data load will come and it impacts system performance
  • Select the object which you need to check. Ideally it should be done for all.

I will explain each component of this report check – CLICK HERE!!!

Example of errors:

Keep on error resolution and running this again until all errors are cleared.

These are the key activities which needs to be planned before initial load planning and execution. Hope it helps you to understand what is needed to do before Initial Load and it’s quite a lot of work.

Next blog – Initial Load planning & Sequencing

Stay tuned, enjoy reading and let me know if you want any topic to be added.

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