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22 Ara 2017
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Central finance is one of the deployment option of SAP S/4HANA where the present ERP system(s) with SAP or Non SAP category will be connected to the SAP S/4HANA system and the document replication will happen in real time. It supports several replication models. Please refer to another blog for more details – SAP Central Finance 1809 Functionalities | SAP Blogs


(source – SAP .com)


  • Asset Accounting document replication is not supported
  • Postings to CO-FI reconciliation ledger (GL Reconciliation Postings)
  • Year-end closing postings where the reference transaction (AWTYP) is GLYEC
  • Clearings are not transferred as part of the initial load, but you can activate the transfer of clearings via ongoing replication.
  • Clearing resets are not transferred as part of the initial load but you can activate the transfer of clearing resets via ongoing replication.
  • Recurring entries & Sample documents
  • Noted items (apart from down payment requests and payment requests)
  • Parked documents & Balance carry forward items


  • SAP Central Finance
  • SAP System Landscape Transformation
  • SAP MDG licence is optional to use. If full-fledged Master Data governance is needed then implement MDG else CFIN can be implemented without MDG


  • Real time replication
  • Simplified reporting
  • Single source for consolidation
  • Non-Disruptive migration to S/4HANA
  • Implementation of Central Processes like – Central Payments, In house Cash for working Capital, Central Receivables

When not to use CFIN?

  • CFIN is not a good choice when the organization have only one ERP system
  • If that’s non SAP that can be converted to SAP S/4HANA as greenfield implementation and if that’s SAP ECC that can be migrated to SAP S/4HANA
  • CFIN is useful and worth investing if the landscape have more than 1 ERP and business model is inclined towards M&A where more ERPs can join the game in future

Key SAP Notes

  • 2184567 – Central Finance FAQ
  • 2323494 – Overview of notes relevant for source system
  • 2196783 – Central Finance: Error handling with AIF
  • 2202650 – Central Finance: Error Handling for Replication of FI Documents
  • 2202691 – Central Finance: Error Handling in AIF for Replication of CO documents and Cost Objects
  • 2154420: SAP LT Replication Server for SAP Central Finance
  • 1353125, 1497092, 1670486, 2078335 -Replication of Accounting documents with more than 999-line items



(source SAP .com. For updated roadmap follow SAP .com)

Model Company

The SAP Model Company for Central Finance allows to ‘quick start’ the Central Finance project and enables a sound foundational design. It helps to reduce costs, decrease risks and provide guidance for the right decisions. What’s included?

  • Ready-to-run accelerators including project management, functional and technical / configuration guides
  • Enablement session, vision & scoping workshop
  • MC Delta for rapid data profiling
  • Covering S4HANA, Central Finance, SLT – System Landscape Transformation, MDG – Master Data Governance, PO – Process Orchestration, FIORI
  • Discovery Landscape available on-demand

For more details on Model company refer – SAP Model Company in Central Finance Implementation | SAP Blogs

Hope this gives fair understanding of CFIN.

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