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22 Ara 2017
Tepki puanı
Have you already heard about the new improvements delivered for SD Sales & Billing all based on customer ideas and improvement requests from our Customer Connection project SD Sales and Billing 2017?

Here are some product highlights just to give you a taste:

Enhancement for Email functionality for Output Control

It is now possible to send Emails to multiple recipient’s in the output screens of transactions VA01, VA02, VF01 and VF02. For further information see note: 2412475

User defined restriction of dropdown for order reason and rejection reason

With this improvement, it is possible to restrict available order reasons and reason for rejections in sales documents using sales document type and/or sales organization. For further information see note: 2477027


These are only 2 of the new delivered improvements in our application. For a complete list of all new features please check out Innovation Discovery –click here.

Did you get inspired and have further ideas for improvements in SD Sales and Billing? Then join our current Customer Connection project SD Sales and Billing 2018.

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