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22 Ara 2017
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I would like to share my experience with you all for appearing for S/4 HANC FI certification exam. Please refer some sample questions for your practice.

1. What are the deployment solutions available in S/4 HANA for customers?

A) S/4 HANA On-premise
B) SAP Public cloud only
C) SAP Hybrid cloud
D) S/4 Public & Private Cloud

2) What happens when reversal document posted?

A) Document reset
B) Open items cleared
C) Document Clears

3) What level payment terms can be maintained?

A) Purchase organization level
B) Co.code level
C) Client level

4) What kind of solution you suggest for your customer to keep software up to latest

A) On-Premise solution
B) Private cloud
C) Public cloud

5) In Asset accounting, there are 3 depreciation areas and have 3 currencies for 3
ledger groups(Leading & Non leading).How many documents will be generated ?
A) 3
B) 6
C) 4
D) 9

6) Which type of Fiori app is used to verify GL master data report?

A) Fact sheet
B) Transactions app
C) Analytical

7) Customer wanted to send a Accounts receivable and Accounts payable
correspondence to vendors and customers. What are the corresponding method
you use ?

A) Payment notice
B) Account statement
C) Invoice items
D) Dunning notice

8) What systems checks if customer want to Archive GL master data ?
A) GL deletion indicator
B) GL posting block
C) GL master data can not be archived

9) Validations can be maintained under ____ application area levels in S/4 HANA.

A) SAP Consolidation
B) Cost center accounting
C) Profit center accounting
D) Material management

10) Bank key parameters controlled and created at

A) Bank account number
B) Country
C) Address

11) How many posting periods S/4 HANA allows in Financial accounting ?

A) 12
B) 10
C) 16 + 4 special periods
D) 16

12) Due to recent changes with Government budget, the tax rate changed from 20 to
18%. How do you handle this change in SAP

A) Create new tax codes for input tax and output tax
B) Change input tax code and output tax codes from 20% to 18%
C) Change input tax code from 20% to 18%
D) Create new tax code for input tax

13) User wanted to make changes to parked document. What changes can be done?

A) Document type
B) Currency
C) Amount
D) Posting date

14) Business want to settle activity cost using indirect activity allocation method. Which
GL account type you use for GL account creation?

A) Primary Costs or Revenue
B) Balance sheet account
C)Non-operating Expenses or Income
D) Secondary Costs

15) Business partner general data can be created under ______ categories

A) Person Level
B) Organization level
C) Legal entity level
D) Group level

16) Extension ledger usage includes

A) FC valuation
B) Regrouping of AP/AR
C) Parallel accounting
D) Adjustments for local accounting

17) What is the first step in posting period variant setup ?

A) Assign posting period variant
B) Setup posting period variant values
C) Setup posting period variant

18) How many currencies are available in S/4 HANA apart from co.code currency and
global currency?

A) 8
B) 10
C) 3
D) 1

19) Customer wants to show special depreciation postings separately in FSV. What is
the best process to determine GL accounts in Asset accounting ?

A) Depreciation area level
B) Asset class
C) Co.code
D) Chart of depreciation

20) Business partner number ranges controlled by

A) Business Partner grouping
B) Business partner Category
C) Business partner Role
D) Account group

21 ) An automatic clearing program clears and post documents for the below accounts.

A) Noted items
B) GL accounts
C) All Open items
D) Account payable and Accounts Receivable

22) Guarantees – what type of Special GL transaction ?

A) Noted items
B) Free offsetting entry
C) Automatic offsetting

23) User posted a vendor invoice for expenses to same GL account with 3 different cost
center / 3 different profit center along with 10% input tax. How many line items will
be generated ?
A) Entry view-3 & GL view-6
B) Entry view-4 & GL view-6
C) Entry view-4 & GL view-9
D) Entry view-5 & GL view-9

24) What are the apps available for users summarized in

A) Tile hierarchy
B) Tile group
C) Tile catalog

25) What field status is recommended by SAP for vendor and customer master data

A) Display
B) Required
C) Optional
D) Hide

26) While posting documents to AR/AP , what is the minimum tolerances required

A) User level
B) Client level
C) Blank tolerance
D) Account group level

27) Which level integration process of down payment can be posted?

A) Invoice receipt level
B) PO level
C) Good receipt

28) What object level data aging can be performed?

A) Co.Code level
B) Document type
C) Account type
D) Controlling area level

29) What are the activities part of Pre-closing items?

A) FC valuation
B) Asset history sheet
C) Financial statement preparation
D) Rcurring postings

30) Asset class Controls

A) Account determination
B) Equipment with real-time integration
C) Number ranges
D) AUC category

31) Which level you create financial statement version ?

A) Chart of accounts
B) Client level
C) Co.code level

32) Dunning charges can be setup in configuration under below level.

A) Dunning level
B) Account group level
C) Co.Code level

33) Document types controls

A) Debit and Credit indicators
B) Field status of transaction data
C) Account type
D) Number ranges

34) Validations and substitutions considers below check points

A) Header level
B) Complete document
C) Application level
D) Call up point

35) Customer wanted to post text field as mandatory at the time of document posting
for GL Account. Where do you control the status ?

A) Document type
B) Fields status
C) Account group
D) Posting key level

36) In S/4 HANA accounting, how the OLAP and OLTP works for reporting

A) OLTP fetches data from tables and OLAP fetch data from BW objects
B) OLTP and OLAP fetch data from same table
C) OLTP and OLAP fetch data from different tables

37) In new asset accounting , for legacy asset posting – system updates legacy values
in real time and adjustment entry required.

A) No
B) Yes

38) Cross co.code transaction configuration considers below

A) Clearing accounts
B) Posting keys
C) GL accounts
D) Account types

39) Customer wanted to setup depreciation area for tracking group currency for Non
leading ledger. You will assign depreciation area to ____ in new asset accounting

A) Asset class
B) Ledger
C) Ledger group
D) Accounting principle

40) Which step of financial closing cockpit you maintain programs and variants ?

A) Release task list
B) Create task list
C) Create task list template
D) Assign task list

41) Asset history sheet shows items separately under below categories

A) Imputed cost
B) Retirement
C) Acquisition
D) Investment support

42) Dunning procedure defined at __________ level

A) Client level
B) Co.code level
C) Customer account group
D) Chart of accounts

43) Data archiving can be done with below objects

A) Co.code
B) Client
C) Document type
D) Account type

44) Customer wanted to reverse a document along with negative postings. Where do
you control?

A) Account group
B) Co.Code should allow Negative postings
C) Posting key level
D) Reversal reason code

45) Your customer is performing FC valuation. what is mandate for configuring for FC

A) Co.Code
B) Account principal
C) Value adjustments
D) Valuation areas

46) What level Special GL accounts for Account Receivable and Accounts Payable
configured ?

A) AR & AP level have common Special GL accounts
B) AR & AP level have different Special GL accounts
C) AR & AP level have common Special GL accounts except noted items

47) What kind of adjustments you can make after payment proposal creation ?

A) Payment block
B) Cash discount percentages
C) House bank change
D) Payment method

48) Which field controls for preparing consolidation financial statement in chart of
account level?

A) Co.code
B) Group account number
C) Balance sheet type
D) Trading partner

49) What are the financial closing cockpit process steps in sequence?

A) Create tasks–> Create task list template–>Assign task list –>Define
dependencies–> Release task list
B) Create tasks–> Create task list template–>Assign task list –> Release
task list–>Define dependencies
C) Create task list template–>Create tasks–> Define dependencies –>
Assign task list –> Release task list
D) Create task list template–>Create tasks–> Assign task list –>Define
dependencies–> Release task list

50) How the financial statement shows for the postings for an Asset GL account having
$30 credit line item and $80 debit line item?

A) It shows balance in liabilities side
B) It shows balance in assets side
C) It shows $0 in liabilities side and $50 in assets side
D) It shows $30 in liabilities side and $80 in assets side

51) Customer is configured leading ledger with real time postings and wants to add new
depreciation area for non leading ledger. What type of postings types you assign?

A) APC post only
B) Area does not post
C) Postings in real time
D) Area post APC and depreciation periodic

52) Which object can be posted across multiple in controlling area?

A) Cost center
B) Sales organization
D) Profit center

53) What posting period interval control posting authorizations of OB52 ?

A) It checks posting period interval-2
B) It checks posting period interval-1
C) It checks posting period interval-1 & interval-2
D) It checks posting period interval-2 & interval-3

54) What kind of splitting process will be considered for posting payment documents?

A) Passive splitting
B) No splitting
C) Active splitting
D) Zero Balancing Splitting

55) What kind of information will generated as part of balance audit trial for providing
statement for external auditors?

A) Compare the last year opening and current year closing balance of the
filtered line items
B) Compare the opening and closing balance of the filtered line items

C) Share complete financial statement with auditors

56) how many levels Cash discount terms can be maintained in payment terms

A) 2
B) Many
C) 5
D) 3

57) What is starting point for material document posting in integrated posting scenario?

A) PO level
B) IV level
C) GR level
D) Goods shipment

58) What are the best HR solutions you recommend for your client ?

B) SAP Field-glass
C) SAP Success factors
D) SAP Hybris

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