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22 Ara 2017
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MIRO – Invoice Verification:


1. To Record Vendor Invoices in the books of Accounts

2. To Pay the Invoices for which the Goods Receipts is already done

Once the Goods Receipts against the Purchase Order is done, then MIRO – Invoice Verification takes place. Accounting Document will be generated during the Goods Receipts for the Purchase Order.

Now let us see how to do MIRO Invoice Verification in SAP . Normally this process in SAP should be done by Finance Employee.

T Code : MIRO


MIRO Transaction

Update MIRO and Press Enter:


System prompt for entering Company code

System prompt the user to provide the Company code for which the transaction is created.

Next Screen:


In the next screen:

Transaction should be 1 Invoice: Invoice : Update the Current Date: Posting Date

Current Date: Tax drop down: Use the drop down to get the correct Tax Code: Tick on Calculate Tax: Reference: Give the Correct Invoice Number. Purchase Order/Scheduling Agreement Number: Provide the correct purchase order number for which you are doing the MIRO and press Enter. Balance Value in Negative will be shown in Balance Field. Click on Message to view the reason for the error message. Amount: This field needs to be filled and the amount should be the Invoice Amount from the Vendor Invoice.


Once you update all the details and press enter.


Now the Balance field is in Green and there is no Messages. Now good to click on Simulate

Once you click on simulate, the next screen will pop up. Debit and Credit balances can be checked and then GL Account details along with Account Assignment can be reviewed. After review, the document can be posted by click Post Button.



Document is posted in book of accounts.

Invoice Verification document is posted.

Also the document can be seen in Display Document:


This document display can be viewed in Purchase Order history tab or Invoice Document itself.

MIRO – Invoice Verification is completed.

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