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22 Ara 2017
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Operating six manufacturing bases and more than 70 subsidiaries worldwide

On a mission to become a leading global supplier of polyurethane products, petrochemical products, functional materials, and specialty chemicals, Wanhua Chemical Group Co Ltd (Wanhua) manufactures chemical products such as isocyanate, polyol, and acrylic esters. With the business relying heavily on human tasks in its finance operations, Wanhua was looking to capture operational efficiencies and enhance the timeliness of financial reporting. Rather than have its people aggregate data, prepare reconciliations, and create reports, Wanhua sought another way. The company wanted to use robotic process automation to take care of repetitive manual tasks and automate manual controls, freeing its people to do more value-added work.


Reshaping Financial Processes and Operations with SAP® Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Technology

Wanhua uses SAP Intelligent RPA to enhance operational speed and efficiency, reducing manual intervention in finance processes. They deployed five bots; each one supporting error-free processes and reducing 12 manual steps to 2 steps integrating with SAP & non-SAP financial solutions, allowing employees to focus on high-value activities and business innovations.

Some of the highlights of the solution which delivered quick RoI with lower total cost of ownership:

  • >90% efficiency realized in financial reporting
  • 4700 person hours expected to be saved per year with process automation
  • 2 Weeks to facilitate the creation, deployment, and management of five intelligent bots
  • Seamless integration of SAP Intelligent RPA using native connectors with SAP solutions for financial management

“With the success of the proof of concept for SAP Intelligent RPA integrated with SAP solutions for financial management demonstrating how we can drastically reduce manual tasks in our finance operations, we plan to start rolling out the technology to more subsidiaries with more business scenarios and corresponding bots.” explains Dr. Mingzhong Liu, CIO, Wanhua Chemical Group Co Ltd


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