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22 Ara 2017
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SAP mass update

It is often useful – but dangerous – to update one or more values of several materials at the same time.
This manipulation is pretty easy to perform in SAP , maybe too much, use these information carefully, and always double check that current window is open in the correct system, and that the data is accurate.

MASS transaction in SAP

First of all, go in the MASS transaction, and choose the type of data to update.
For example, enter BUS1001 in MASS for “Materials (industry)”, which is the Material Master (transaction MM02).


SAP MM17 step by step

You then enter the tables selection screen that you would like to update. Check the ones that you want, and go in the material master field selection SAP tab in which you want to modify the actual value.
Going to MASS transaction in SAP and selecting Materials, is equivalent to using the tcode MM17.
The proposed selection fields are the keys of previously selected tables – for example Material and Plant for MARC table in SAP , Plant Data for Material.

SAP Material Master mass change

Data corresponding to the search criteria are then displayed, with the SAP Material Master fields list previously selected for update.

Enter the new values in the first line, click on the icon “Carry Out a Mass Change”, and selected values will be applied to all data.
After some execution time, a SAP Material Master change report will be displayed, in which errors are displayed first and have to be checked.


Mass maintenance in SAP MM

In the data selection screen, it is possible to get more SAP selection criteria, by clicking on icon “Choose selection fields”.
It is then possible to select in detail interesting fields for the required SAP mass update, selected fields have to be added to the left column by using the central arrows.


Mass update in SAP

By using the “Selection options”, it is also possible to decide which filter to apply on the field : exact value, value range, inferior, superior, …
Finally, once the selection criteria are defined, mass update SAP can be executed as explained previously.


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