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SAP R/3 works on all real time data that include material master and vendor master. Material and vendor master are separate data records for keeping information of materials and vendors from which material is procured. The combined information of material and vendor altogether is kept in a record that we call as purchase info record. The key points about purchase info record are as follows:

  • Purchasing info record stores information on material and vendor supplying that material. For Example: Vendors current price of a particular material is stored in info record.

  • Purchase info record can be maintained at plant level or at purchasing organization level.

  • Info record can be maintained for four procurement types which are as follows:
    Standard: Standard info record has information on standard orders (orders include details of vendor and material). This info record will include vendors price for supplying the particular material.
    Subcontracting: Subcontracting info record has information on subcontract orders. This info record will include price for assembling the raw material that is supplied by the ordering party.
    Pipeline: Pipeline info record has information on material that is provided by vendor through pipes. For Example: like water,electricity.
    Consignment: Consignment info record has information on material that is kept at ordering party premises. This info record contains vendors price that is to be paid for withdrawing material from consignment stock.
Creation of Purchase Info Record
Purchase info record can be created by following the below steps:
Path to create Info Record:
Logistics => Material Management => Purchasing => Master Data => Info Record => Create
TCode: ME11

On SAP Menu screen select Create icon by following the above path.


Enter the vendor number and in info category select standard or subcontracting or pipeline or consignment according to the requirement.


Fill in required details like material group, 1st/2nd/3rd reminder, vendor material number, personal details, order unit, origin data and sort term.


Provide the info record note that can be called as info record description. Click on save. A new info record will be created.