SAP PP Customizing Transaction Codes

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8 Eki 2016
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Tcode   Name
OLPF    Customizing Production Order
OPJ0    Maintain User
OPJ1    Maintain User Profiles
OPJ2    Production order stock determination
OPJ3    Maintain Authorizations
OPJ4    Schedule batch function request
OPJ6    Maintain Status Profiles
OPJ7    Maintain Routing Usage
OPJ8    Maintain Operation Control Key
OPJ9    Maintain prod. scheduler group
OPJA    Maintain setup group/group category
OPJB    Specify system messages
OPJC    Maintain Wage Groups
OPJD    Item Categories
OPJE    User Selection
OPJF    Automatic Selection
OPJG    Maintain Default Values
OPJH    Order types production order
OPJI    BOM Usage Priorities
OPJJ    Maintain Scope of Check
OPJK    Maintain Control
OPJL    Maintain Checking Rule
OPJM    Application-Specific Criteria
OPJN    Maintain Scheduling Type
OPJO    C MM-BD units of measurement
OPJP    Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders
OPJQ    Standard Value Key
OPJR    Maintain move time matrix
OPJT    Maintain Strategy Levels
OPJU    Production order control parameters
OPJV    Maintain Capacity Category
OPJW    Maintain Capa.Planr.Grp for WrkCentr
OPJX    Factory Calendar C
OPJY    Maintain perf. efficiency rate key
OPJZ    Maintain Release Periods
OPK0    Confirmation Parameters
OPK2    Formula Parameters
OPK3    Define Formula
OPK4    Confirmation Parameters
OPK5    Maintain variances
OPK6    List Layout
OPK7    Accessing Customizing PDC transfer
OPK8    Maintain print control prod. orders
OPK9    Maintain Goods Receipt Valuation
OPKA    Maintain Movement Types
OPKB    Control parallel confirmation
OPKC    Control confirmation process chain
OPKD    Control confirmation process chain
OPKE    Screen Sequence for Components
OPKF    Control parallel confirmation
OPKG    Maintain Messages
OPKH    Maintain Breakpoints
OPKI    Maintain Collective Confirmation
OPKJ    Maintain PRT Control Key
OPKK    Standard Text
OPKL    Formula Parameters
OPKM    Define Formula
OPKN    Overview variant production control
OPKO    Command File for Production Orders
OPKP    Shop floor control profile
OPKS    Maintain Origins for CO Object
OPKT    Initial Screen: Settlement Structure
OPKV    Print Flag
OPKW    Print shop papers
OPKX    Deletion Flag/Indicator
OPKY    Archiving
OPKZ    Customizing Matchcode for ProdOrder
OPL2    Maintain trigger point group
OPL3    Trigger point usage
OPL4    Profile for missing parts list
OPL5    Order type LIS parameters
OPL6    Profile for documented goods mvmts
OPL7    Order change management profile
OPL8    Order type parameters: Overview
OPL9    Parameters for order change mgmt
OPLA    Conditions: V_T682F for H CO
OPLB    "CondTab: Create (batch, prod.)"
OPLC    "CondTab: Change (batchs, prod.)"
OPLD    "CondTab: Display (batches, prod.)"
OPLE    Strategy types: Batch determ. (prod)
OPLF    Access: Maintain batch determ.(prod)
OPLG    Batch determ.: Procedure for prod.
OPLH    Overview variant - production orders
OPLI    Background job for goods movements
OPLJ    "Job ""Fast entry confirmation"""
OPLK    Overall profile for order prog. rep.
OPLL    Order progress: Displayed fields
OPLM    Order progress: Displayed fields
OPLP    "Job ""Convert planned order"""
OPM0    Maintain profile - field selection
OPM2    Maintain Detail Screen Control Oper.
OPM3    Maintain Detail Scrn Control Header
OS11    Spare Part Indicators
OS12    Material Provision Indicators
OS13    Item Categories
OS14    Material Types Allowed in BOM Item
OS15    Variable-Size Item Formulas
OS16    BOM Item Object Type
OS17    Explosion Types
OS18    Relevancy to costing
OS20    BOM Usage
OS21    BOM Usage Default Values
OS22    Copying Defaults for Item Statuses
OS23    BOM Statuses
OS24    Material Types Allowed in BOMs
OS25    BOMs with History Requirement
OS26    Laboratory/Office
OS27    Modification Parameters for BOMs
OS28    Defaults for BOMs
OS29    User-Specific Settings for BOMs
OS30    Application
OS31    BOM Usage Priorities
OS32    Alternative BOM Determination
OS33    Alt. Determination in Inventory Mgmt
OS34    Alt. Determination in Costing
OS35    Alt. Determination in Production
OS36    Alt. Determination in SD
OS37    Alt. Determination in PM
OS38    Alt. Determination in MRP
OS40    Generate BOM Transfer File
OS41    Transfer BOM without Long Text
OS47    Field Groups: Assigned Fields
OS48    Field Groups: Definition and Descs
OS70    User-Specific List Profiles