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22 Ara 2017
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Dear Colleagues

This is in continuation of my previous currency blog SAP S/4HANA Currency Setup

Many time we get question that what should be our controlling area currency 10/ 20 or 30, in cases where Cross-company-code cost accounting is active.



Let us understand different options & their implications for this CO Area currency setting .

Case 1: The currency type of the controlling area (e.g. 30 = Group Currency) is also configured as parallel currency in FI (table T001A / tx OB22)

  • Then KSL filled in all line items in all ledgers. The field is used as a common currency for FI and CO. It is called “Global currency for FI and CO”
  • This is the recommended setting for all new installations.

Case 2: The currency type of the controlling area ( e.g. 20 or 30 ) is not configured as parallel currency in FI (table T001A / tx OB22)

  • Then KSL is filled only in the leading ledger for CO relevant line items, i.e. line item assigned to a CO Object and a cost element.
  • KSL is empty for all line items without CO relevance, i.e. balance sheet accounts or nonoperating expense or income.
  • KSL is empty for non-leading ledgers.

Case 3: The currency type of the controlling is the local currency (currency type 10)

  • KSL is filled with the same rules as in case 2.
  • This means for CO relevant items KSL contains the same amount like HSL, and for non CO relevant line items KSL is empty.

In case 2 and 3 we say KSL is “used by CO only”. This settings are not recommended for new installations, but it is supported in order to be compatible with all existing currency configration of installed systems. Unfortunately it is not possible to automatically introduce a new currency in FI during the migration to SFIN or S/4H.

This is an extract from OSS note 2231255

I hope this would help

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