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8 Eki 2016
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The first step to understand SAP is to have basic knowledge of screens like Login screen, Logout screen and so on. Following screens will describes about the screen navigation and the functionalities of standard tool-bar.

Login Screen
Log on to SAP ERP server. SAP login screen will prompt for User ID and Password. Provide the valid user ID and Password and press enter. The user id and password is provided by system administrator. Following is the login screen:


Standard Tool-bar Icon
SAP screens tool-bar are shown in the following image:


SAP screen tool-bars are briefly described as:

  • Menu Bar - Menu bar is the top line of dialog window in the SAP system.
  • Standard Toolbar - Standard functions like save, top of page, end of page, page up, page down, print, etc. are available in toolbar.
  • Title Bar - Title Bar displays the name of the application/business process you are currently in.
  • Application Toolbar - Application specific menu options are available on this toolbar.
  • Command Field - To start a business application without navigating through the menu transaction, some logical codes are assigned to the business processes. Transaction codes are entered in the command field to directly start the application.
Standard Exit Keys
Exit keys are used to exit the module or to log off. They are used to go back to the last accessed screen. Following are the standard exit keys used in SAP :


New Session Icon
For creating a new session we use the following keys shown in the below image:


Log Off
It is a good practice to log off from the SAP system when you finish your work. There are several ways of login off from the system but it can be done using following instructions as shown in image: