ENGLISH Sap Warehouse Management System (wm) Module

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SAP WM begin as a sub-module of the SAP Material Management module which takes care of Warehouse Management functionality. Warehouses can be managed efficiently at bin location level using SAP WM module. Presently, SAP WM had been re-classified under the SAP Logistics Execution module.
The SAP Warehose Management module of SAP R/3 provides flexible, efficient, automated support that enables your business to:

- manage complex warehouse structures

- define and manage storage areas and storage bins in the warehouse

- manage several different types of storage, such as high rack storage, block storage or fixed bin storage

- process all relevant postings and transactions such as goods receipts, goods issues and general stock transfers.

- monitor stock movements

- execute stock placements and removals using different put-away and picking strategies

- process stock differences

- manage hazardous materials

- use bar code scanners

- interface to external non-SAP warehousing systems

- manage inventory at the storage bin level

- ensure that stock posted in the Inventory Management system is the same as the stock in the warehouse

- integrate with materials management, product planning, quality management and sales and distribution

It primarily aims at defining and managing complex warehouse structures within a company.

The following points must be considered when implementing the SAP R/3 WM module:

- Path optimization for:

-- stock placements

-- stock removal

-- stock transfer (for example, replenishment)

- Even utilization of warehouse capacity

- Balanced utilization of warehouse personnel

- Possibility for improvement in warehouse stocking

- Handling of means of conveyance for stock placement and stock removal

- Possibility for improvement of work papers

The SAP Warehouse Managemet module is one of the effective tools available to manage warehouse and keep inventory at optimum level. But it is just a business tool and you need a skillful craftsman who can understand your company needs and satisfy them using the tool. Potentials of the tool must be extracted fully for the best results.

Definitions and Acronyms that are commonly used:

WM - Warehouse Management
WMS - Warehouse Management System
ECC - ERP Central Component
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
SU - Storage Unit
HU - Handling Units