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22 Ara 2017
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This blog post will throw light on Calculation of Scheduling Start Dates/Time and End date/time takes place in Planned and production orders

What is Scheduling, Methods and its types?


  1. A detail of when and where each operation in the manufacturing process is to be performed or executed.
  2. Establishment of an activity timetable which gives at which time to start and/or finish each event or operation comprising any procedure or process.
  3. It is an important tool for manufacturing and engineering, where it can have a major impact on the productivity of a process. In manufacturing, the purpose of scheduling is to minimize the production time and costs, by telling a production facility when to make, with which staff, and on which equipment.


There are two methods of Scheduling.

a) Basic Dates scheduling – In this scheduling , System will calculate the basic Start and Finish dates based on the timings of material master e.g. In-house Production time, GR processing time, Schedule margin key

b) Lead time scheduling– In lead-time scheduling, System will calculate actual timings based on routing and capacity requirements generated with exact production dates


Below are the commonly used scheduling types

a) Forward scheduling (Starts with order start date)

b) Backward scheduling (Starts with order finish date)

c) Only capacity requirements

d) Current date


Let us take an example

Case 1:

Material X with In-house Production time – 5 days , SMK – Op. Period =2 days, GR processing time = 1 day


Now, when we create planned order manually, how system will calculate the dates


When we convert planned order to Production order with CO40, it calculated the Start and End date as per planned order


Case 2:

In case of manual order creation where operation segments will be taken into consideration.

Scheduling dates in routing for 1000 EA



Now, create a Production order with CO01 to check which dates system will calculate.



Factors and Customizing affecting scheduling Date/ Time:

  1. Scheduling parameters for production order
  2. Scheduling type
  3. Formula Definition/ formula parameter, which is being assigned in Work center
  4. Standard Value key
  5. Performance efficiency rate key
  6. Schedule margin key
  7. Move time matrix
  8. Reduction Strategy
  9. Shift Sequence
  10. Calendar to define working days and non – working days
  11. Control key for operations
  12. Standard and Minimum queue time
  13. No. of Individual capacities
  14. No. of splits
  15. Minimum wait time etc

Conclusion: We will will be able to calculate or analyse the scheduling dates of planned order/ production order with required master data settings and related customizing/factors relevant to our scope.

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  1. SAP Help Portal
  2. SAP note 150007 – Consulting: Scheduling of production orders

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