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22 Ara 2017
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Hi Friends,

In this video, I will try to explain you the screen recording functionality of Power Point Presentation. We can use this functionality to create video recordings for Trainings, end user Video, business scenario recordings and for many more purposes. I have used this functionality in one of our projects and this saved much of our time. This is one of the hidden treasure/functionalities which most of SAP consultants or most of IT people are unaware of this.

Video Link:

Benefits of PPT Screen Recording Functionality

  • Ease of Use
  • Less Complexity
  • Most effective tool.
  • No need to install any screen recording apps on desktop.
  • No more creation of request, approvals for Screen Recording apps and this helps in lot of time saving.
  • Cost Saving/Reduction as no need to install Licensed Products.
  • …………….and could be many more.

Important points.

  • You can use Microsoft editor to merge, trim, change motion for all your videos.
  • Trial and Error approach to be adopted after reading this blog.
  • Sometimes PPT hangs and you may lose the recording. This will be an added work.
  • Complete silence should be ensured before initiating the recordings. This applies more during WFH tenure.
  • Once video is saved on desktop delete video in PPT. This will save memory.

So lets start.

Open blank ppt. Click on Insert. Click on Media and click on Screen Recording. See below screen.


Below screen will appear. There are 5 options. Record, Stop Recording, Select Area, Audio, Record Point. Click on Select area.


If you see below I have selected the area.


After you select the area, click on Record button.


Recording will start.


Once you start recording, buttons will be changed. Record button will change to pause. Stop Recording button will be Activated. Audio button is activated means you can speak and give instructions or explain things in this video.


Once you are done with recording, you can click on stop recording button. Below video will be created.


You can play the video to check the content before saving on desktop.


Right Click on video and save on desktop.


Once you click on Save As, Media file option will be available. Save the file.


I hope you liked this video.



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