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22 Ara 2017
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To set up tolerance check in SAP EWM delivery documents whether quantity lies within the given tolerances for inbound deliveries. Percentage based tolerance check doesn’t work for outbound deliveries in EWM

This blog is specifically intended to explain why it is required to have tolerance set up in EWM, configuration required and the implications of not having this set up for Inbound delivery generated by Production order confirmation.

Problem without Tolerance check in EWM.

The problem is faced for Inbound delivery generated after Manufacturing order confirmation(CO11N), when SAP allows to post excess quantity more than Production order quantity. This over confirmation from ERP creates excess stock in SAP EWM. In this process, in EWM system, GR is completed with excess stock, however, in ERP, GR is not posted because Inbound delivery Quantity> Manufacturing order Quanity, and a Queue is stuck up.

Reproducing the Issue:

  • Create a Production order, and confirm it 2 times.


  • In EWM system, /SCWWM/PRDI, system created 2 times posting against manufacturing order and GR was completed. The excess GR of 300 pcs created Stock discrepancy between 2 system as ERP only posted 300 pcs, but EWM posted 600 pcs.


  • Check the Queue in EWM system.

System is explicitly saying that Quantity confirmation has been exceeded by 300 pcs.


  • Standard EWM system doesnt look for tolerance check against reference document.

Checking the Inbound delivery in PRDI, the tolerance check indicator is not filled, so it required additional configuration for setting ‘‘Tolerance check” and avoid over GR for stock sync up between 2 systems.

—>So our purpose is to block the Inbound delivery in EWM system if Over confirmation is posted from ERP.


Customizing required.

  • Set up tolerance check based on the reference document in customizing.

Logistics Execution—>SAP EWM Integration—>Extended Inbound Delivery Processing—>EWM Tolerance Check Indicator Based on Purchasing Documents

For Manufacturing orders, reference document is Inbound delivery, so this settings is also relevant for ”Setting Up Tolerance check” against Manufacturing order. SO don”t get confused that this is only relevant for Purchase documents.


  • Check the Item type configuration of Inbound delivery in EWM.
  • The item type and Doc category used for Production order Inbound process is IDPP and PDI
  • Note the Status Profile and Quantity offsetting profile.


  • Check the status Profile in customizing and activate DTL-Check tolerance. In Standard system it is remain Inactive

In Customizing for EWM in Status Management, the status type DTL Check Tolerance for the delivery item needs to be active.

Cross-Process Settings → Delivery Processing → Status Management → Define Status Profiles.


  • Check the Quantity offsetting Profile in customizing

Cross-Process Settings → Delivery Processing → Quantity Offsetting → Define Quantity Roles and Quantity Types.

EWM copies the quantities and unit of measure from the Manufacturing order in SAP ERP to an inbound delivery or an expected goods receipt. EWM saves this data as quantity role in PPQTOT Total Order Quantity.

So, it is required to Activate the Qty role PPQTOT. In standard system, it is in inactive state.


  • So, for the required Item type and Document category of Inbound delivery GR, both Status profile and Quantity offsetting profiles are activated to block the inbound delivery carrying over confirmation Quantities from ERP.


Reproducing issue after Customizing

  1. Create a manufacturing order.


2. Confirm Order by CO11N.

Since order has 2 operations 10 and 20, Component consumption will happen at operation 10 as components are assigned to operation 10, so this confirmation will trigger Goods issue( Consumption delivery in EWM, pick is not relevant for picking )


So, I am just showing operation 20 where GR process will be conducted in ERP system.

Yield Quantity is 10.


  • If I try to increase the Yield quantity to 15 pcs, so it gives an error below


  • This error is generated because in ERP system, over delivery check is configured for required Production order type and required plant(OPK4 Settings)


  • However, this settings doesnt work if we increase the Quantity in Goods Movement Tab of CO11N. Hence this settings becomes irrelevant for inbound delivery generated by production order.
  • So, keep the Yield quantity as 10 pcs and increase Quantity in GM tab.


  • Increase the Quantity to 20 pcs and save the delivery. System allows to conduct excess GR and above settings fails to stop this.


  • Check the Inbound delivery in /SCWM/PRDI in EWM system.

The inbound delivery is blocked now as there is infringement of Quantity tolerance. EWM has put the value of item status Check Tolerance (DTL) to 8 “Not OK”.


So, here business cannot over post GR and stock between ERP and EWM is in sync and our requirement is fulfilled,

Permutations and Combinations

What if business wants to post this over confirmation as Produced quantity may be larger than planned Quantity which generally happens in chemical industry, pharma or even in discrete manufacturing.

  1. In this case, SAP EWM allows to do adjustment as below

Click on BBD/Tolerance button—>Approve Tolerance Violation.


2. The moment, it is clicked, the DTL status changes to 6 which is OK as below.


3. So, the Inbound delivery is no more blocked now, and excess GR of 20 pcs can be posted in EWM system


4. The moment you post the GR in EWM, It will be successfully posted in EWM, but a Queue will be triggered as below

Since, the Over GR of 20 pcs is posted in EWM, but our original manufacturing order quantity is 10 pcs only, so this error is triggered.


5. Increase the Manufacturing order quantity by extra 10 pcs and re-trigger the Queue.

Once it is done, GR of 20 pcs is posted in ERP as well.


Hence, both system has adjusted the quantities and they are in sync with each other.

Impact on Purchase Process

Even if you deploy this solution for Inbound delivery generated from Manufacturing order, only activating the Quantity offsetting Profile ”PPQTOT” which is for manufacturing order and keeping Purchase Order tolerance check PQTOT Qty Role as inactive, system will not allow you to conduct GR and queue error gets triggered as below.


So, you need to activate the Quantity role active both for PQTOT( Purchase order) and PPQTOT( Manufacturing order).

This completes the entire blog. I would appreciate for any corrections or improvements required to make this blog more productive. Next blog would be on Advance Production integration with consumption to be done from ERP and synchronous update of consumption happening in PMR. There is a reason to understand why SAP has given this functionality after all PMR can single highhandedly tackle Consumption and GR process. Next blog soon.


SAP KBA: 2465850 – How to set up tolerance check in EWM

SAP Note: 2491003-Torrance check for receipt from Production is not performed on production order.

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