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22 Ara 2017
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Dear All,

The short text of the inspection characteristic during the results recording or in the usage decision transactions will be displayed with a different language from the one you logged on with, over against the requirement is to be displayed in the same language.

This documentation describes some possibility, which could help fulfilling the above requirement. Be aware that this list contains modification of the standard delivered software. Therefore, test the changes carefully in an test system first.

A) If the situation occurs at the usage of transaction QE51N, the characteristic description

on the right hand side of the screen can be influenced by enhancement QEEM0032:

“You can use this customer enhancement to change the characteristic short text in results recording. The changed characteristic short text is not saved. You should use the enhancement to display the characteristic short text in other languages. We recommend you load the characteristic short text from the master inspection characteristic. You can use the master inspection characteristic as a referenced master inspection characteristic or copy model.”

On the left hand side of the screen the characteristic description can be influenced only by a modification:

  1. When starting QE51N the report RQEEAM50 is called.
  2. The logic has to be implemented in the corresponding INCLUDE RQEEAI50.
  3. There is a statement “GET QAMV”.
  • At this statement the QAMV-records are read from the logical database PGQ and the information, which is displayed in the tree, is stored in the internal table G_MKITAB.
  • By adding the fields QPMK_WERKS, VERWMERKM and MKVERSION to the “FIELD-STATEMENT” the information from the master inspection characteristic will be available in RQEEAI50.
  • You have then the possibility to read the short-text with the logon-language and store it in G_MKITAB-KURZTEXT.

B) If the situation occurs at the usage of transaction QA11, the following modification can help:

  2. After QEEA_FEATURES_READING was called the internal table G_MKTB is filled. This internal table contains the characteristics (especially the description > field KURZTEXT).
  3. You now have the possibility to read the description in the logon-language as following:
  • Fields QPMK_WERKS, VERWMERKM, MKVERSION represent the master inspection characteristic.
  • With this information you can read the short-text and populate field G_MKTB-KURZTEXT accordingly.

As a consequence it should be possible to display the descriptions according to your request.

For more information read documentation: 2650183 (Short text of MIC related to inspection lot is not in logon language).

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