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22 Ara 2017
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Hello Everyone , this Document is related to storage location MRP concept in S4HANA .

This will guide you with the pre and post conversion activities for storage location MRP during system conversion from ERP to S4-HANA system.

In SAP ERP, storage locations can be excluded from MRP or they can be planned separately from other storage locations.

The S/4-HANA MRP only plans on plant and MRP area level. Planning on storage location level is not available in SAP S/4HANA.

In S4-HANA , we need to use MRP type ND if we want to exclude the storage location from MRP and we can use MRP type VB if the materials need to be planned separately.

You need to run the precheck program on source system before migration.

You have to set up the required customizing and check custom codes before migration.



Steps to follow before system conversion in source system

  1. In MRP 4 view of material master go to tab “storage location MRP “ and set the indicator as 1


2. In MD04 you can see the information as storage location not planned.

3. Go to SPRO and follow the path :

SPRO –> Production –> material requirements planning –> planning file entries –> convert planning file entries for MRP area

Then Select mode as conversion X and don’t select Test mode.

Then execute the report. The report will show you how many planning files need to be converted

4. Then you need activate MRP area , follow the below path :

SPRO –> Production –> material requirements planning –> master data –> Mrp area à activate mrp for mrp area

5. Then go to SE38 and execute report “MRP_AREA_STORAGE_LOC_MIGRATION” to check the consistency in data before conversion.

Once you execute the report it will show you the details in output as “storage location mrp area is missing for the material XXX XXX in the plant xxxx “

If you get such error then you have to check the MRP area for that storage location and if needed you have to maintain that manually. Again run the report and check if error is not there anymore.

The above mentioned program will check the customizing prerequisites needed like MRP types , Lot sizing procedures and MRP areas and show you the detailed information .

If prerequisites does not meet meet:

If any prerequisites are missing that will be shown in the report clearly and you have to maintain those entries manually.

If prerequisites meet:

The program creates an entry record for a storage location MRP area for each existing material master

If you have excluded storage location for MRP via customizing, and prerequisites not fulfilled then the report won’t create any record for MRP area

Custome code check for MRP Area

Custom codes need to be check and adapt. Also adjustments might be needed

  • Check storage location indicator MARD-DISKZ
  • Check table MDMA
  • Check function module MD_STOCK_REQUIREMENTS_LISTS_API ( function group M61X).
Post conversion steps to be followed in S4-HANA

  • Assign the mrp area in the MRP1 view in material master
  • Maintain MRP type , MRP controller and Lot sizing procedures
  • To get a better visualization you can activate Intra plant view (recommended by sap) , where you can see multiple storage location mrp areas assigned to same material.

Check this document by Caetano Almeida how to activate Intra plant view in MD04.

Improvements for MRP areas in S/4HANA 1809 | SAP Blogs

Useful notes and links for reference :

2268045 – S4TWL – storage location MRP

2227579 — SAP S4HANA simplification item : Logistics_PP-MRP

2216528 — Pre-upgrade check for storage location migration report

2469139 — resolve findings of core ERP PP-MRP S4HANA pre checks for storage location migration

2719213 — message no MD06030 while maintaining a mrp area for material master.

2567573 – storage location excluded from MRP on S4HANA

2599850- how to create mrp area

2638465 mrp differences between S4HANA and ERP systems.

Note :

  • SAP Note 2216528 – delivers report MRP_AREA_STORAGE_LOC_MIGRATION , that can give you more details about missing storage location mrp areas .
  • You have to take care of material master for storage location mrp with mrp type as ND in S4-HANA
  • For future release a new material type might be released by SAP to simplify the storage location MRP process.
  • For S4HANA MRP area is active by default and cant be deactivated

Referred links : Key Functional Topics in a System Conversion to SAP S/4HANA

For more details please check the course “Key Functional Topics in a System Conversion to SAP S/4HANA” in OPEN SAP .

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