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22 Ara 2017
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We live in an ever changing business environment. There are companies being bought and sold and spun off as separate entities frequently. As a result, you have many issues when trying to transfer assets in IT systems from the old to the new legal entity. In SAP there is a tool available to allow making journal entries to adjust asset values after they have been loaded into the new SAP company code. A key tool that is available is transaction code OAMK.

After adjusting the balances of assets due to takeover or breakup there may be a need to adjust the asset GL Account balances. The problem is the GL Acocunts are marked as Asset Reconciliation accounts and you can’t post directly to them. The OAMK transaction allows you to reset the Asset Reconciliation accounts to non-reconciliation status to permit the manual journal entries. So right before one is ready to post a journal entry adjusting the balances on the GL Accounts for Assets and Accumulated Depreciation they need to follow these instructions.


Key in OAMK into the transaction field and hit <ENTER>


Click on the button to the left of your company code to select that line and then double click on “ChangeControl of Reconciliation Acocunts”



At this point click on the “Delete Reconciliation Ind All Accts”. This will de-activatethe reconciliation acocunt features and allow for manual journal postings.(You can also change just specific ones by selecting the field in the “Recon. account for accttype” and making the field blank)


Now click on the save button which is highlighted above.

After you post your adjusting journal entry and your GL Account balances are where you want them to be you need to turn the reconciliation account features back on in the same screen above but this time you click on “Set Reconciliation Ind. fof All Accounts” and the screen will look like this again:


Now click on the save button again and the Reconciliation features for asset GL Accounts will be reactivated. It is critical that you remember to do this after posting your adjusting entry so that the asset depreciation and other asset transactions post automatically as designed.

I have found this tool to be very helpful at start-ups, takeovers and carve outs in the SAP system. As you work with asset accounting in SAP you too will come to appreciate this feature.

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