ENGLISH The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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8 Eki 2016
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Everybody knows the western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in my opinion. And its soundtrackoff course.
When I was thinking of writing a blog about how to be a good BASIS guy, I saw the blog “Are You a Rock Star Blogger?” (I liked the blog and played tthe game. I advice you, too.) After that I changed the header of this blog. I like the soundrack by the way.

I also think that many people will have something to say about BASIS guys. when I commented on one of the blog, a colleague wrote about BASIS crimes as “Insufficient supplies of coffee…””

Lets come to the topic. What is good, bad and ugly for a BASIS consultant?

The good BASIS consultant;


  • Shows emphaty and put him/herself in place of the customer (not only customer also other consultants)
  • Is helpfull to colleagues
  • Is tidy: Does not leave many old documents on the desktop or filesystems of the SAP server
  • Takes notes, documents what is done
  • Learns from mistakes
  • Makes plan or runbook even for small work
  • Is secure
  • Is hard working
  • Is honest
  • Is a team member
  • Knows about OS, DB, Network, Storage
  • Follows the technology and new features
  • Uses additional languages
  • Reads guides and follows guides
  • Troubleshoots well
  • Has good communication skills
  • Has a certification
  • Keeps eye on systems always
  • Has sixth sense to use sometimes
  • Has some IT Backgroud or some development background
  • Has good understanding on functional topics or client business process
  • Is experienced being involved in many projects
  • Involved in big projects
  • Asks people before stoppping the system
  • Is user friendly
  • Does not say bad words to colleagues and shouts at people
  • Strong hearted
  • Has Patience
  • Has determination and vigorous nerves
  • Gets official trainings
  • Dooes not afraid of making hands dirty
  • Challanges
  • Ask seniors in doubt
  • Never gives up
  • Knows the power of knowledge
  • Knows how and where to find the information
  • Takes responsibality
  • Knows how to manage resources
  • Loves his job
  • Does not forget duties
  • Is on time for meetings
The bad BASIS consultant;


  • Does not follow the guides
  • Does not complete the work
  • Does not take notes
  • Does not help people
  • Does not inform others
  • Does not clean upp after installations
  • Does not respect others
  • Is selfish
  • Does not want to be a team member
  • Does not have lesson from mistakes
  • Starts work without checking backup
  • Betrays the ream
  • Is not on time

And the ugly one;


  • Stops system without informing users
  • Says bad words to other people
  • Gossips about people
  • Hides what he learns
  • Makes the same mistake again and again
  • Ruins the team
  • Always late

These are the things fallen from my keybboard to the blog in short time.
As I said, most of you have many things to say I bleieve.
Why don’t you comment on this?

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