Training Manual for SAP FI End Users

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8 Eki 2016
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The purpose of this training document is to give the intended users step by step process instructions in doing the General Ledger related activities in SAP ERP. Each instruction of the following list of transactions are explained in detail with screenshots from ECC 6.0 version.
  • General Ledger Posting FB50
  • Changing accounting document FB02
  • Display accounting document FB03
  • Posting of vendor advance F-48
  • Posting of vendor Invoice (FI) FB60
  • Clearing of vendor advance F-54
  • Vendor final payment F-53
  • Vendor invoice with reference to purchase order and TDS
  • Customer advance posting F-29
  • Posting of customer Invoice (FI) FB70
  • Customer advance clearing F-39
  • Customer payment receipt F-28
  • Asset acquisition F-90
  • Check asset overview AW01N
  • AUC settlement to main asset AIAB
  • Depreciation posting AFAB
  • Sale of fixed asset F-92
  • Cash journal FBCJ
  • GL line item display FB08
  • Vendor line item display
  • Customer line item display
  • Reverse document
  • Entry through F-02
  • Accural/Defferal Entry FBS1
  • Reversal Accural/Defferal Entry F.81
  • Recurring Entry FBD1
  • Execute Recurring Entry F.14
  • List of Recurring Enties F.15
  • Blocking Vendor FK05
  • Park Vendor Invoice FV60
  • Clear Vendor Account F-44
  • Down Payment Request F-47
  • Advance Payment Request F-48
  • Customer Block FD05
  • Customer Down Payment F-29
  • Cash Journal FBCJ
  • Asset Purchase F-90
  • Asset Sold F-92
  • Depreciation Run AFAB
  • Asset Trf (AUC to Main Asset) AIAB
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