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22 Ara 2017
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Dear SAP Friends,

Welcome to another interesting Blog,

In this Blog will see how to identify which Transaction code has been replaced with a new Transaction code in S/4HANA Release each release

To Identify which got Obsoleted check out Deleted Transaction Codes in S/4HANA | SAP Blogs

With each release of S/4HANA, some transactions are getting replaced by new ones,

Such as MB01, MB02…. Etc with MIGO and so on.

There is a table where we can see a list of T.Codes that has been replaced with each version

  1. Go to SE16N and give the table PRGN_CORR2


2. In the SAP Release field give the version for which you want to check the list


Below is the list of SAP Product Version & Leading Software Component Version, as per the Release choose a number.


  1. Once the relevant SAP release number is provided and executed list of T. codes that got replaced will be displayed.


By using the PRGN_CORR2 Table we can get the list of T. codes that got replaced.

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Thanks & Regards

Ruthvik Chowdary

SME – S/4HANA Logistics

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