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22 Ara 2017
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This whitepaper provides an insight into Vistex configuration for Bill back datasources in SAP BI.

Target Audience: BI Associates and Vistex Associates

Authors: Ashok Nannuri


Vistex Billback Datasources in SAP BI 1

Abstract. 1

Introduction. 2

Billback Definition. 3

Namespace Maintenance in BI 3

Customizing Billback Datasources using Logistics Cockpit (LBWE). 5

Process of Full load Data from Billback Datasources. 6

Setting up Delta Extraction for Billback Data Sources. 7

Enhancements to Billback Item Datasource. 8

ECC Billback Tables. 11

Related Content. 12


Vistex is a third-party tool provided by Vistex Inc. It is an add-on to the ECC server. In other words, it sits on top of ECC. It is best suited to handle complex calculation like processing rebates, sales commissions, Bill backs, chargeback in ECC. It has a different set of objects and tables. Vistex provides valuable solutions to organization that operates in one of the following sectors:

  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Consumer and Commercial Products
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
  • Industrial Machinery and Components
  • High Tech and Electronics
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Retail

Landscape Overview with Integration of ECC and Vistex:


Billback Definition

A billback is the process of a manufacturer validating claims for compensation from one of its channel partners. One main example is the amount paid by a manufacturer or vendor to a distributor for the difference between the distributor’s initial acquisition price and the actual agreed upon price for products/services sold to a specific end customer or partner. Another example is a claim for performed activities, such as a marketing event or sales to an end customer.


There are three data sources for Billback applications. The three data source includes datasource for header data, item data and condition data.


Namespace Maintenance in BI

Before replicating the Vistex data sources in BI, we have to maintain the namespace for Vistex. The system will not allow activating the data source if namespace is not maintained in BI. The namespace for Vistex is“/IRM/”. Namespace ‘/IRM/’ must be entered in both the BI table RSNSPACE and the basic table TRSNSPACE or the view V_TRNSPACE. Namespace maintenance in ECC is taken care during Vistex installation. Below is the screenshot of the view “V_TRNSPACE” in which Vistex namespace is maintained.


Maintenance of Number Range

Before running the setup for Vistex data sources, we have to maintain number range in ECC as follows:

  1. Execute transaction: SNRO
  2. Maintain the settings for object “/IRM/MCEX” as shown in the below screenshots


Maintain “Number Range Interval” as shown below


Customizing Billback Datasources using Logistics Cockpit (LBWE).


We can add / remove fields from data source using maintenance as shown above

Process of Full load Data from Billback Datasources

Similar to LO data sources we want to delete and load the setup tables, when we are loading initially.

Deletion of setup tables program for Billbacks : /IRM/MCIPBB_SETUP_DELETE

Execute above program using SE38 transaction code.


Loading setup tables program for Billbacks: /IRM/MCIPBB_SETUP_LOAD

Choose the appropriate selections and execute the program as shown below


Setting up Delta Extraction for Billback Data Sources

Vistex provides different delta programs to extract delta from ECC. After executing initialization from BW, we have to schedule the delta programs in order to schedule the delta infopackages.

For Billback Delta Extraction we use program /IRM/MCIPBB_DELTA

Enhancements to Billback Item Datasource

Open billback item extract structure using RSA6 transaction code


Click on the append structure and add your custom fields as shown below.


Create / Use a Project in CMOD to fill the custom added fields above, using the custom logic in the highlighted function exit.


Call custom program from the function exit wherein we write the logic to fill custom fields as shown below


ECC Billback Tables

Billback header table


Billback item table


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