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22 Ara 2017
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In a manufacturing industry, other than raw materials there are number of things needed to manufacture a product. For example machinery, instruments, equipments, tools, documents, etc., some are stationary, big in size and some are movable, small in size, some are trivial but extremely useful.

Production Resources and Tools are movable/non stationary operating resource, that are required to perform an activity and can be used repeatedly during the manufacturing process.


In Production Planning world, Production Resource/Tool(PRT) is a kind of master data. It is categorized under 4 umbrellas

  1. Material PRT : Material Master Data
  2. Equipment PRT : Equipment Master Data
  3. Document PRT : Document Master Data
  4. Miscellaneous PRT : PRT Master Data

This means Master data related to Material, Equipment and Document can be used as PRT and any resources or tools other than these can be categorized as Miscellaneous or Other PRT.



PRT can be used in many processes. For example

  1. In Production Planning (PP) – PRT, which is somehow a tool, can be used by a certain step in Routing and Master Recipe and finally taken into Production Order and Process Order.
  2. In Plant Maintenance and Customer Service (PM & CS) – PRT can be used by the operations in Maintenance Task List and finally taken into Maintenance Order.
  3. In Project System (Network and Activities) – PRT can be used by certain activities in Network to calculate how many PRTs would be needed.

Master Data Structure​

PRT master data consists of two part. One is Basic Data and the other one is Default Data.

Basic Data defines basic attributes of PRT. for example, the unit, location and authorization group of PRT.

Default Data defines attributes including scheduling data and formula which are used to control how a PRT is used in transactions( e.g. Production Order and Maintenance Order).


Material PRT​

Material PRT is maintained by T-code MM01/MM02. There is a tab to maintain PRT info on a material.


Equipment PRT​

Equipment PRT is maintained by T-code IE01/IE02. There is a tab to maintain PRT info on equipment.


Document PRT​

Document PRT is maintained by T-code CV01N/CV02N. Document which is allowed to used as PRT can be customized!


Miscellaneous PRT​

Miscellaneous PRT is pure PRT master data and it is maintained by T-code CF01/CF02.



Now you know what is PRT and how simple it is. It can be any object like a screw driver, a plier, which are used repeatedly in process of manufacturing but are never delivered with the product. It can be a document, manual, guidelines, an equipment, portable machinery or a material.

Hopefully, this blog post can help you to start with using PRT tcodes.


Appreciate it if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions. Cheers!~

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