What Is Quality Planning?

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8 Eki 2016
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In the QM quality planning, you define specifications and processes on a long-term basis as master records. The SAP QM quality planning covers inspection planning and the basic data required for inspection planning.
SAP QM component

The QM component is divided into the following subcomponents:

Quality Planning
Quality Inspection
Quality Certificates
Quality Notifications
Quality Control
Test Equipment Management
Stability Study
Master Data
In quality planning, you define information and processes on a long-term basis as master records. Quality planning provides the basis for inspection processing.

You use the following data for quality planning:

General master data in logistics.
Inspection planning data (for example, inspection plans, master recipes and material specifications).
QM-specific basic data (for example, master inspection characteristics, inspection methods, sampling procedures).
Master data is data that does not change over a long-period of time. Master data contains information that is required on a regular basis, the master data for a vendor, for example, contains the name, address and bank details.
General master data is made up of cross-application data and QM-specific data. Cross-application data is maintained in most cases in other components of the SAP system.

Cross-application data used in inspection planning includes:

Material master
Vendor master record
Batch classification
Customer info record
Quality documents
QM-specific data used in inspection planning includes:
Quality info record procurement
Quality info record sales
Material specifications
Inspection plan
Quality Information Record
The quality information record procurement contains details for a specific material/vendor combination. For example, it specifies:

The delivery quantity, for which the vendor is released.
The date, up to which the vendor is released for the relevant product.
The QM system and quality documents that are to be used by the vendor or are to accompany the delivery.
Is an electronic quality data exchange planned? etc.
The quality information record sales contains details for a specific material/customer combination. For example, it specifies:
When and how an inspection is to take place?
What documents are relevant for a delivery? etc.
This information is used in inspection processing for planning and control purposes.