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22 Ara 2017
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Introduction of the issue – I have noticed that SAP Retail Site master configuration activities are little bit different that the regular site creation in S4 Hana or ECC. For regular site creation, all steps are carried in SPRO side under configuration whereas it’s a combination of Transaction and then SPRO activities for site creation in case of Retail sites creation.

Intention behind writing the doc – I haven’t seen any dedicated document which describes Configuration of SAP retails sites hence decided to prepare such document which would help all concerned parties for maintaining Configuration activities for SAP Retails sites.This problem is specifically for SAP Retails version and working on it for the first time. This doc will also help not only SAP community but also users who will be working on SAP Retails side.

Solution – My approach is to have separate document which outlines the config of Site config which consists of Transaction and SPRO activities and will help all concerned parties and they can follow along for configuring Sites for SAP Retails.

Transaction/ConfigRegular Site Creation in ECCRetail Site creation in S/4 Han
Transaction sideNot applicableWB01
SPRO sideApplicableApplicable
Running of ML activationNot applicableRun the program CKMSTART

Step1 – Create site in WB01, Maintain basic data like Code, Pur Org, Sales Org, DC, Create BP (address) and assign site Attributes (Business or Master data team)

Step 2 – Enterprise Structure > Definition > Financial Accounting > Define Business Area – (IT or Support team)

Step 3 – Maintain Storage location if site is warehouse category – Materials Management> Maintain storage location – (IT or Support team)

Step 4 – Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Logistics – General > Assign Business Area to Site/Valuation Area and Division – (IT or Support team)

Step 5 – Logistics – General > Material Master > Basic Settings > Material Types > Define Attributes of Article Types – – (IT or Support team)

Step 6 – Materials Management > Consumption-Based Planning > Plant Parameters > Carry Out Overall Maintenance of Site Parameters – – (IT or Support team)

Step 7 – Inventory Management and Physical Inventory > Site Parameters – – (IT or Support team)

Step 8 – Valuation and Account Assignment > Account Determination Without Wizard > Group Together Valuation Areas – – (IT or Support team)

Step 9 – Controlling > Product Cost Controlling > Actual Costing/Material Ledger > Assign Article Ledger Types to Valuation Area – – (IT or Support team)Step 10

Step 10 – Controlling > Product Cost Controlling > Actual Costing/Material Ledger > Activate Material Ledger for Valuation Areas – – (IT or Support team)

Step 11 -Run the program CKMSTART – – (IT or Support team) and make site productive

Step 12 – Create Article for the new site MM41 (Business or MDM team) and verify Site (store) is set productive for Retails.

Conclusion – This step wise document along with specific screen prints should help users to configure Site in SAP Retails.

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